The Concept

Almost a decade ago we were shocked when we came across this ghastly story of a woman who died of tetanus due to a rusted hook in the piece of blouse she used during menses !! At that time we had no idea about the deep rooted relationship between cloth and menstruation. This story fueled us to go deeper into the non issue.. The Goonj team traveled across the country and found that in the absence of a clean piece of cloth, millions of women in villages and city slums use rags, sand, ash, etc. to deal with their menses..

It's NOT a women’s issue, it’s a Human Issue..

CLOTH - A Viable Solution

A humble piece of cotton cloth can save a woman from a lot of indignity, embarrassment and infections. For generations, our mothers and grandmothers have used cloth during their menses. It is the most comfortable, convenient, scalable, available, affordable, acceptable, accessible and eco-friendly solution. A piece of cloth becomes a driving force for a lot of health related issues. Cloth is not a product but a tool to open dialogue with a woman. Cloth also solves bigger environmental problem of disposal in the process.

What does Goonj want to do?

For more than a decade now Goonj through its ‘Not Just a Piece of Cloth’ initiative is working on two things; Make clean cloth available to women who don’t have any options. Second, it is using this cloth as an entry point into the lives of these women to create a space where they can talk about their challenges and make them aware about the related menstrual health and hygiene challenges. Goonj has also initiated thousands of open discussions to normalize this highly taboo and restricted issue !! Nearly 8 hundred thousand metres of cotton cloth converted into 4 million ‘MY PADS’ have reached women (across the country) as a solution to deal with her menses.