The Journey from cloth to ‘MY Pad’..

The journey from cloth to ‘MY Pad’..So we started with the simple – addressing a woman’s need for adequate clean cloth.. The bigger challenge with menstruation was an all pervasive culture of shame and silence around it, marred by social,... Read more

Why it’s ‘Not Just a Piece of cloth’ ..

Why it’s ‘Not Just a Piece of cloth’ .. (Imagine if this simple piece of cloth was available to the masses, many incidents of helplessness and indignity wouldn‟t have become the stories, people often share with us.. and that is... Read more

Helping Women and Girls. Period.

Around the globe, managing menstruation can be a debilitating, even deadly, problem – fueled by a combination of poverty, misinformation, stigma and superstition. One in ten girls in Africa misses school for the duration of her period each month. In Bangladesh, infections caused from filthy,... Read more

What We Want Is A Bleeding Girl

A bleeding bride and a bleeding daughter-in-law is what everyone wants – a girl who has been bleeding month after month, for years. It is not uncommon to hear about cases of divorce on the basis of the infertility of... Read more

Not Just For A Girl….!


Having men onto my both sides, I felt a pinch of embarrassment on hearing the topic but Kavya’s gentle reminder that the race of humans wouldn’t have existed without this biological process and it was not a taboo subject, immediately... Read more

The uncomfortable but scary truth about sanitary waste


Only 12% of the 355 million women of menstruating age in India can afford disposable sanitary napkins. But, conservatively, these 42.6 million women will throw 21.3 billion sanitary napkins into a landfill in their lives. More- Read more