Goonj (means an echo) a multi award-winning social enterprise, started the NJPC (Not Just a Piece of Cloth) initiative in 2005, around a decade ago. NJPC is focused on opening up the most taboo and ignored subject of menstrual hygiene: a female health hazard by involving the masses in generating an affordable cloth napkin. The NJPC programme is a nationwide intervention, which not only starts with providing a physical product but stresses more on changing practices, behavioural patterns, education and replication in the long term. MY Pad, Goonj's clean cloth pad is developed out of old cloth collected from urban masses. It is made with highly indigenous processes while also educating the user women to make it on their own.

NJPC - A Million Voices campaign and website is initiated by Goonj and is an extension of its ongoing work across India. Our aim is to spread global awareness about this basic need and get more people to talk about it, to break the taboo and shame around this natural process.

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