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What is ‘NJPC –A Million Voices’ campaign all about?

Ans: This is a global initiative highlighting the natural biological process but a highly taboo issue of menses. Countless women use ash, jute gunny bags, rags, even plastic bags, in the absence of a clean piece of cloth, for menses. Thus countless women around the world not only don’t have the sanitary pad for this basic need but they also lack awareness about the related health and hygiene issues.  The shame, silence and taboo attached to this issue closes the doors on all possible solutions for this. Goonj is committed to mainstream the issue by getting the masses across the globe to speak about the issue.

Is ‘NJPC –A Million Voices’ a registered entity?

Ans: NJPC- A Million Voices is a campaign initiated by GOONJ, which is a registered voluntary organization.

How will you use monetary contribution under ‘NJPC- A Million voice’ campaign? Ans: Goonj has started this campaign to open up the menstrual hygiene issue around the world among the urban, slum and rural masses. The lack of awareness about the related health and hygiene issues is a big gap in rural and slum communities, in the educated and professional middle class domains of urban India, this topic is still a highly taboo issue still inducing a culture of shame and silence. One big aspect is the lack of basic resources or clean piece of cloth as sanitary pads, to women and young adolescent girls, to deal with this monthly event. Through this campaign, Goonj is trying to open up the subject, mainstream it, make it commonplace, so that women don’t feel constrained in talking about it. we feel this is the first step towards addressing the various aspects of this sensitive issue. Goonj is creating massive awareness around this issue using posters, videos, workshops across rural India. Your monetary contribution is important to us as every single penny is needed to deploy a lot of additional resources for developing multi lingual multi media communication material, production of MY Pads (Goonj’s cloth sanitary pads), traveling to rural, slums and urban areas to spread awareness with a committed team who manage the back-end of this massive campaign.

How can I volunteer for this campaign, if I am based abroad?

Ans: People from overseas can play an important role primarily in spreading awareness about this issue in their own country, starting from their own families, to colleagues, to friends, civil society organizations.. Bring up this issue on forums related to health and hygiene or women’s issues or any general philanthropy forums. As we always say this is a human issue that is considered universally taboo. Through sms, social media, mailers, word of mouth this issue needs to go viral, where every single person who has ever thought about it or has been moved by the plight of others, needs to share his/her voice here. For people wanting to volunteer in India please log on to www. njpc.http://njpc.goonj.org for volunteering options.

I am interested in buying Goonj’s cloth sanitary pads ‘MY Pad’ for my community? Please tell me how do I go about it?

Ans: Goonj has a nodal production centre in Delhi (India) where we deal with over 1000 tonnes of material every year. Here we make MY Pads from un-wearable cotton waste cloth.  We can send you the sample of this product via courier or Indian postal service. All you need to do is to send us your complete postal address, with pin code, your full name & contact number.  Once we know your contact details, we will let you know the courier and other charges for the same. The payment can be sent directly to us via cheque/draft. Please refer- http://http://njpc.goonj.org/?page_id=55 for more details

In which all cities/ countries you have ‘My- Pad’ production units? I wish to see how you make MY Pads? Ans: Right now MY Pads production is happening in our Delhi processing centre only, which is the headquarters of Goonj and also the biggest centre we have in India. Please note there are two slots for visiting the centre a) from 10.30 a.m. to 12.30 noon b) 2.30 p.m.- 4.30 p.m. between Monday-Saturday (On Sunday and national holidays our office remains closed). Please call us on 011- 26972351, 011- 41401216 or write to us njpc@http://njpc.goonj.org and let us know what works best for you.

Can Goonj provide training to our team members about how to make these cloth sanitary pads?

Ans: The cotton cloth which is turned into ‘My- Pads’(cloth sanitary pads) is an outcome of Goonj’s larger work cycle, which involves collection, rigorous sorting of cloth and other material. Therefore, we stress on people to first visit our processing centre to better understand the process completely. Making of My Pad is a very simple process- anyone can come and see the process in our Delhi processing center. Though we don’t have a formal training module around MY Pad making process right now, we would be happy to answer any specific queries further to the processing center visit.

Can I join you in distribution of ‘My-Pad’ or the awareness sessions that you do in the villages?

Ans:  Goonj's NJPC work is spread in the interiors of different parts of the country also the NJPC implementation is at least a year long process in any given location. We want you to be mindful of these two things. Further, do let us know where and when would you like to travel and we will be able to respond better to specific queries depending on the work going on at that point of time. But in principal we would be happy for you to travel to village India for NJPC implementation work.

Will you be helping in reaching ‘My-Pad’ in other countries too?

Ans: We would be happy to share our learning's, processes and systems with anyone nationally or internationally who wants to replicate the idea in its totality, with due credit to Goonj.

What are the ‘awareness tools’ that you could provide to NGOs, corporate, individuals to spread this campaign? Ans: Goonj would be willing to share posters, videos, survey forms with anyone who is keen to spread the message. Any changes in our communication material or using our logo on any communication material needs a prior approval from Goonj. Please write to njpc@http://njpc.goonj.org for more details.

I wish to replicate your idea, what sort of preparations/ measures I should be ready with or keep in mind?

Ans: We are happy to know that you want to replicate Goonj’s NJPC work in your area. Please write to us on njpc@http://njpc.goonj.org , sharing about yourself, your work and your plan of action, to further discuss how we can share our learnings and processes on this issue.

Our group is ready to distribute My-Pad, do you have any guidelines that we should follow?

Guidelines document is in pipeline.

How can I send my cotton cloth or other material to you and where?

Ans:  For people based in India, material can be sent to our offices on any working day i.e. Monday- Saturday, Timings:  9.30 a.m- 5.30 p.m  Please refer the detailed list of our offices along with address and contact person’s name, here- http://http://njpc.goonj.org/?page_id=2272 Apart from these offices, Goonj also has dropping centers in some cities, which are the homes of our volunteers.  A small room/corner is allocated to collect material for Goonj. These centres are meant only for individual’s contributions and can accommodate only small quantities. For details, please refer- http://http://njpc.goonj.org/?page_id=144

 I am based overseas, how can I send you my material contribution?

Ans: Right now we do not have the required permissions to receive material from abroad.